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Glastonbury and Wells Cats Protection have a number of cats in their pens and even more waiting to come in when we have space. These cats are lovely, friendly moggies who are homeless through no fault of their own or their owners. Just victims of circumstance, patiently waiting for someone to love them.

All cats homed by Glastonbury and Wells CP have been routinely health checked, treated for fleas and worms and neutered if old enough. 

Why adopt a cat from Cats Protection? Click the link to find out more.

If the health check reveals any problems like dentals for older cats the necessary treatments will have been carried out.

In addition they are fully vaccinated and micro chipped. We can also offer the new owner 4 weeks free insurance, courtesy of Pet Plan.

Our kittens will not have been neutered but when they are 5 months the Charity will pay the full cost of neutering. At the time they are neutered we will arrange for them to be microchipped. This procedure will  also be paid for by the Charity.

Our Adoption fee for cats or kittens is £60.

In this frantic and stressful world, curling up with a loving, purring feline and a cup of hot chocolate, or gin and tonic if you prefer, is a great way to soothe away the worries at the end of the day.

Please phone the fosterer listed with the cat to find out more about it. It is a decision you won't regret.

Below are all the domestic cats currently available. The situation changes from day to day - sometimes hour to hour - so phone the number given for each cat to find out if it is still available. We try to be honest in our descriptions and will always tell you of any problems with any cat.

If you don't see the cat you are looking for on this page please contact Gill on 01749 850660. We have a waiting list of cats to come in for re-homing and it may be that the cat for you is on that list.




Florence is a 2 year old beauty. She is a little shy to start with but once she gets to know you she is very affectionate.  She would be ok with a friendly dog and she has lived with children before.


Call Emma on 01458 850823 for more information.





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CassisCassis as a white and dark tabby 13 year old who was reluctantly given up for rehoming when her owner moved. She can be very affectionate, loves rubbing around legs, rolling on her back and being tickled under her chin and also likes to sit on a lap when she's not snoozing. Being an older lady she's very set in her ways and quite independent so may suit a quiet working household without other pets or young children. She'd also probably be fine as an indoor cat.


If you would like to know more about Cassis please phone Janet on 01749 880545.


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Digit is a handsome 9/10 year old female who is neutered and microchipped and needs a new home because her owners, who have had her since a kitten are emigrating.

She can be an affectionate cat when it suits her but is also quite independent quite comfortable in her own company when she chooses to be! We wouldn't describe her as a cuddly lap cat however when she does decide to sit on a lap she usually prefers a male lap.

Digit would be happiest in a quiet home without young children and as the only cat.


Please phone Tina on 01458 835179 to offer Digit a home.


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Indy INDY 


Indy is just about the most affectionate, snuggly cat it has been my pleasure to foster. She a beautiful 4 year old cat with glossy black fur and eyes that just say "cuddle me"

Indy is happy, healthy, has a good appetite and is easy to handle. She would probably live in harmony with a laid back male cat and is used to older children.

What is not to like about her?

Phone Gill on 01749 850660 to know more about Indy.


Cat Cuddler's Comments; Having spent a little time with Indy, I can report that she is the very definition of feline friendliness! She is somewhat nervous around men but once the formal introductions were done, she became one of the most affectionate and loving cats I have ever met. 

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Binks BINKS 


Binks is a handsome 3 year old black male with big enquiring eyes.

Until he came into our care Binks had been an indoor cat and it has taken a while for him to get used to the sights and sounds of the great outdoors. Now he is becoming a very loving cat who will head butt you for attention and wind himself round legs to show his pleasure at having human company.

At first he didn't seem to understand how to play but now he enjoys a game with toy mice and ping pong balls and does enjoy dunking the balls and his cat nip pillows into his water bowl. He is also interested in bird watching and no doubt keeps an eye open for mice as well.

We want Binks to have a calm home, well away from busy roads. We wouldn't home him with young children but older ones who would handle him with respect would be acceptable.

Please phone Pauline on 01749 840293 to offer this gentle fellow a loving home.



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ChesterBilly CHESTER & BILLY


Chester and Billy are delightful 6 month old cats. Chester is tabby and white and Billy is a slinky black fellow with White bib and feet.

They are happy. healthy and very friendly. But they are too playful to be real lap cats yet. They are looking for loving homes and whilst we wouldn't home them with very youg children, older ones who would play with the boys and handle them respectfully would be fine. They are good friends and could be homed together or separately.

Phone Gill on 01749 850660 if you would like to offer one, or both a home.


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The cats and kittens listed in the Direct Homings section are still with their owners. It may be that we don't yet have room for them yet or that their owners don't want them to go into pens - there are many possible reasons. Unless otherwise stated, Glastonbury & Wells Cats Protection have not seen these cats to assess them for suitability for rehoming. The description given is from the existing owner.


KITTENS for Rehoming



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