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We are aiming to increase our group of volunteers prepared to help with trapping feral and stray cats.

We are looking for volunteers who have transport and some free time. Full training would be given.

We often are asked to trap stray cats who are causing problems in our area. Usually these are not feral but simply domestic cats who have “lost their way” becoming nervous of humans in the process. We trap them, have them neutered if necessary and then they go to one of our foster pens for rehabilitation and rehoming.

True ferals are neutered and returned to the area where they were trapped, unless we have homes waiting on farms or smallholdings. Feral cats cannot be kept in our fostering pens for more than a few days. They become very distressed if confined.

We also deal with trapping and neutering feral colonies, usually on farms, smallholdings or similar, but some are in our towns and villages.

These cats are trapped, neutered and returned to their territory once they have recovered from surgery.

Our volunteers are required to take the trap(s) to the locations where the cats are and advise on where and how to set the trap. There is usually a member of the public prepared to set and monitor the trap(s).

Sometimes they will also take the trapped cats to the vets but often the volunteers have to do this. They are NOT REQUIRED TO HANDLE FERALS. The cats are taken to the vet in the traps. The transfer to cages is handled by the vets.

When a trapping situation is in progress it is quite time consuming but having plenty of volunteers enables us to spread the load. New trappers would always go with experienced trappers until they felt confident enough to handle a situation on their own.

We would welcome new volunteers in any part of our area but are especially needing helpers in the Cheddar, Wedmore and Langport areas

We recognise that this is not a job that would appeal to everyone, but it is a very rewarding aspect of our work, especially when the trapped cat turns out to be a normal domestic moggie who can be settled in a new home with a happy life to look forward to.

The lives of the ferals are also improved beyond measure.. Once neutered the females are free of the constant cycle of pregnancy/rearing kittens/pregnancy again which wears them out and shortens their lives. The neutered males are far less likely to fight and sustain injuries which, being feral cats, means they often go untreated causing the cats pain and distress.

If you would like to know more about this aspect of our work., please phone Gill on 01749 850660 or Emma on 01458 850823. We would be happy to discuss the trapping procedures with you without obligation. If you decide it is not for you we would respect your decision.


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